Room to Grow: Expanding into a New Warehouse

More Space

Our unique combination of advertising, distribution and manufacturing means we need versatile space, and lots of it. In September 2017, we expanded into a 22,000 square foot warehouse less than a quarter-mile from our current 38,000 square foot facility in Eugene, Oregon.

Shelves at Imagination International new warehouse

The Purpose

The goal of this expansion is twofold. By shifting our distribution to the new building, we’re making room for more manufacturing, assembling, and storage. With a new building better suited for distribution—and the inventory of some products—we’re creating new efficiencies while at the same time taking our existing space and its functions, primarily production, to the next level.

Shelves at Imagination International warehouse

Looking Ahead

The new building and the renovation of our existing building are signs of imminent change. In 2018, we will launch several new product lines, including a hyper-efficient system of grow lights used for legal cannabis and food production in highly controlled environments. What lies beyond that remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt innovation and manufacturing will continue to play significant roles.

ReLi grow lights at Imagination International warehouse
Dan Durrantnews