Tommy Art and the DIY Paint System

The State of Art

In the well-established Shabby Chic market, chalk-based paints know their place. We challenged our Italian partner Abralux to think bigger. After several messy, paint-covered months of testing the unique array of paints and speciality products they offer, we redefined their entire product line. And in the process, we positioned them to enter an even wider customer base in the US.

tommy art process testing

Sometimes You Have to Do It Yourself

We were blown away by the scope of functionality we discovered in Abralux’s products. So we came up with the Tommy Art DIY System, which is both a tool of the inspired and a source of inspiration.
— Zak Davis, creative director.

Our new direction—and complete rebranding of Tommy Art—has breathed new life into these products. We created a new logo, new labels and established a new voice for the product. We also gave the system more defined and expressive categories to better communicate the range of possibilities within the different lines of The System: Color, Shine, Texture, Finish and Special. These names serve as signposts for the primary effects DIYers can achieve with Tommy Art.

tommy art jars of paint

Made to Create

The Tommy Art DIY System is a DIY creator’s dream come true—a color and special effects toolkit to be used in fashion, brand hacking, fine art, stagecraft and more. In the end, we decided we’d rather not limit the uses of this incredible product by boxing it in pre-established product types. And if we can inspire artists, makers and crafters, then we’ve done our job.

Case StudyTatiana Havill