Drawing Creatures at the San Diego Zoo

Resident artist Terryl Whitach, famed Star Wars creature designer, teaches local high school art students how to draw amazing animals in the inspirational setting of the San Diego Zoo!


Educating young artists is a big part of what we do at Imagination International. That's why we sent our resident artist and world-renowed creature designer Terryl Whitlatch to instruct students in the perfect setting to inspire fantastic beasts: the San Diego Zoo. 

The class Terryl taught consisted of 14 dedicated art and photography students from Bear Creek High School in Redmond, WA. The creative students learned some of the techniques and principles involved in sketching animals.  

The students enjoyed the art trip to the Zoo, as well as time in the classroom with Terryl. They were also given the chance to play with Copic markers, which we’re told they absolutely loved. All-in-all, it was a major success. 



Terryl admits, “I'm afraid I was more fascinated with watching the animals than actually drawing them...didn't want to miss anything...mainly just jotted down impressions.”

After some field observations, Terryl showed the students how to move the wildlife they had just seen out of their imagination and onto the page.


Terryl was kind enough to share some work from her sketchbook...obviously she was paying some attention to drawing those animals after all!

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