The Tommy Art DIY Paint System

In the well-established Shabby Chic market, chalk-based paints know their place. We challenged our Italian partner Abralux to think bigger. After several messy, paint-covered months of testing the unique array of paints and speciality products they offer, we redefined their entire product line. And in the process, we positioned them to enter an even wider customer base in the US.

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The Imagination Mural Project

While digital technology has given the youth of today an unprecedented power of self-expression, we believe that an appreciation for the permanence of physical art remains essential for community. That's why we bring kids together to paint on walls, contributing their creativity to a mural project.

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Donating Art Supplies to a Local High School

In early October, we donated more than $130,000 in art tools to local Springfield High School drafting teacher, Adam Dimock, and his class.   

In a time of shrinking budgets and renewed emphasis on career technical education, or CTE, high-quality art tools like these are an encouraging boon to students and teachers alike. 

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Room to Grow: Expanding into a New Warehouse

Our unique combination of advertising, distribution and manufacturing means we need versatile space, and lots of it. In September 2017, we expanded into a 22,000 square foot warehouse less than a quarter-mile from our current 38,000 square foot facility in Eugene, Oregon.

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