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What We Believe


At Imagination International, people matter.

Yes, we have a passion for creativity. Yes, we create and sell some of the highest-quality products. And yes, we’re excited about the work we do. But in the end, it’s not about the business. It’s about the community we create and the impact we make on the world, as a company and as people. 


At our core, we believe every person needs a purpose. However, we recognize that work is immensely demanding. It consumes most of our waking hours and can distract us from what’s most important. So how can we tell others that people, family, and community matter and then ask them to spend their most productive hours, days, months, years, at work? 

We don’t have the solution. But we can provide work that is much more than a paycheck, a promotion, or an impressive title. Through business, we can help people find their purpose, provide for their families, and give them opportunities to give back to their communities. 

This is our mission. This is what we strive to do while running a successful company. And this is what we believe because, in the end, people are what matter.

- John Darland, CEO

Hillary Darland Imagination International
Engineers at Imagination International
Creative Team at Imagination International

More than a business. 

We believe in supporting one another and our community.

"Create, share, care," are words to live by.


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